The new DHM404 allows a service engineer to generate a certificate that can validate any work carried out on a machine and send it directly from the field to their customer. If the engineer creates “before & after” certificates, these can then be provided to prove that any fault has been rectified and the performance of the machine has been restored.

The new battery operated hydraulic tester talks via Bluetooth™ directly to a free-of-charge Webtec “app” installed on an Apple™ or Android™ Smartphone.  The app takes the data from the tester and generates a certificate which includes all of the data required to validate the work carried out.

With over 50 years manufacturing experience of hydraulic components and test equipment we are well placed to understand your requirements and work with you to provide the right products to meet your needs.

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Technical bulletin downloads

DHM404 Technical bulletin

Please click here to download the DHM404 technical bulletin