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Why a career at Webtec?

A career at Webtec doesn’t mean waiting to get your boss’s job!

At Webtec, we are a team of about 70 employees spread across six countries with the majority based in the UK. We have expertise across the team covering areas as diverse as Business Development to Graphic Design, Sales to Business Administration, Human Resources to H&S, Manufacturing to Finance, Research and Development to IT and Automation. A career at Webtec means an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, experience working in new areas to create your own niche and have fun doing it.

A quality brand

Webtec was founded in 1964 and is now recognised world-wide as a leading brand in hydraulic measurement and control. Webtec’s group companies worldwide are all ISO9001 certified. Webtec is an active member of numerous trade associations including the BFPA, CEA and BVAA in the UK and the FPDA and NFPA in the USA

Investors in People Silver Award

Webtec believes in investing in people.

Webtec became IiP accredited in 2017 and achieved Silver status in 2020.  Webtec’s company values and dedication to increasing the knowledge and skills of its employees, customers and its vision to ‘inspire others to enjoy the challenges that engineering brings’ through engaging with the wider community are very much in-line with the IiP’s ‘Leading, Supporting and Improving’ standards.

Webtec supports Agile Working

Agile working, as the name suggests, is the name given to roles that can be done from a location other than the office. While this can’t be applied to every role, for example where specialist fixed equipment may be required, for many roles this ‘flexing’ of your work location based on trust and a collaborative relationship between employer and employee has many benefits. Agile working is focussed on output not ‘presence’ and supports a better work / life balance for employees, reduces the need to travel and often enhances participation and productivity. Ask whether the role you are interested in is classed as an Agile role.

Webtec Wellbeing

‘It’s ok not to be ok’ is a phrase that is now widely promoted and supported by charities, companies and celebrities throughout the World. Awareness of mental wellbeing is now recognised as being as important as a physical illness or disability, the difference as we all know is that the signs aren’t always visible and often go un-noticed until sadly it can be too late.

The introduction of Webtec Wellbeing is a vital part of our organisation. The support network is global as are the team members. They are all very dedicated and passionate advocates that the workplace supports their employees. Each of the team members has their own personal reasons for championing this service.

Webtec Wellbeing has a dedicated ‘resource’ area on the company’s Intranet site and is easy for employees to access if they need help and information regarding ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Wellbeing’.

The group also offers a service that allows Webtec colleagues to talk to their Manager, HR or a trained Peer Support Volunteer (mental health first aider) giving individuals the option to choose who they most feel comfortable talking to.

Caring for others such as supporting a colleague who can be working or off-work, active listening and managing your own feelings are all areas that will all be covered in the awareness training. Further training is also available for anyone who is interested in offering their services as a Peer Support Volunteer, this will allow individuals to offer a support service to colleagues that want to talk. This additional training isn’t just for employees who manage teams, it is for anyone that has a genuine interest in helping and supporting others and understands the importance of empathy and confidentiality. The Peer Support Volunteers will not be trained counsellors, but they will be able to help and signpost where appropriate.

The team has already noticed that more colleagues are now being open about sharing experiences and discussing mental health concerns. The team continue to explore new ideas to support the employees and provide regular updates in the staff meetings and Webtec’s newsletter BluePrint. 

Apprenticeships at Webtec

Do you want to earn while you learn and join a successful international company?

Webtec aims to sponsor 2-3 apprentices per year. These could be in Engineering, CNC machining or in product Sales or Administration. 

Webtec apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity to a debt free qualification relevant to the industry you’re keen to pursue a career in. Full time university and college isn’t for everyone and Webtec recognises that. That’s why we offer a credible alternative allowing you to advance your career through hands on learning by combining practical on the job training and off the job training which will enable you to develop highly sought skills, vital work experience and a nationally recognised qualification all whilst getting paid! Webtec want to invest in your talent by exposing you to a broad range of learning and development opportunities to unlock your full potential.

Webtec offer apprenticeships in the following areas:

Engineering – During an Engineering apprenticeship with Webtec you will develop core technical and practical skills while facing engineering challenges from the fluid power industry. You will be expected to study at college to degree level or higher.

CNC Apprentice – Your role as CNC Apprentice is to learn how to set and operate the CNC machines in a safe and competent manner and to work as part of a team ensuring that production schedules for the Machine Shop are met. You will be expected to study at college to BTEC level 3 or higher qualification.

Year one is about providing a firm base while also gaining an overview of how a company works.  You will have a ‘home’ department of either engineering, milling or turning from which you are based.  In addition to working in this department you will spend at 8 weeks of the first year in other departments. The departments will include:

Engineering, Machining, Assembly and Test, Production control, Inspection, Sales, Business support and Finance & HR.

Later years in the apprenticeship programme are tailored to you and your own personal development plan. It is expected that 8-10 weeks of the year are away from your home department and you can choose one or two departments in which to spend more time and further expand your knowledge through out your apprenticeship.

We have a flexible learning approach (it is also possible to change your ‘home’ department) and you can also choose to study the way that suits you best – options include day release, block release, full time or even open university. Which ever option you pick you will be supported and earn while you learn!

Work experience at Webtec

Interested in Engineering, but not sure what it involves, maybe Webtec can help?

Do you want to find out more about working in Industry, maybe you are considering a career in Engineering or in Manufacturing? Webtec supports students seeking work experience, summer internships, gap years and sponsors Arkwright scholars every year.