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Webinar Series

Real-time monitoring of hydraulic flow for predictive maintenance of manned and autonomous mobile machinery

Monitoring temperature and pressure in a hydraulic system is relatively simple. However, many performance losses may still not be evident. Pumps and actuator performance can best be determined by monitoring their input or output flow. Until now there hasn’t been a simple fit-and-forget solution to monitoring hydraulic flow in the extreme environments seen by manned mobile & autonomous vehicles used in the earthmoving, mining, municipal vehicles, and handling industries. Webtec’s J1939 CAN compatible CTA flow monitor has been designed to address this need and can be connected to an in-cab HMI and/or connected to an IoT portal and monitored remotely.

Hydraulic System Maintenance

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, hydraulic components are subject to everyday wear and tear. Sometimes they have to work under hostile conditions or to operate at levels they were not designed for. So left to their own devices, it’s not surprising that one day they will probably break down. Machine break downs are invariably frustrating, sometimes dangerous, and nearly always expensive in terms of lost production, spoiled crops, penalty clause payments or clean-up costs.

This webinar discusses the different elements of a planned maintenance approach and explains what can be offered to the end user other than simply a pressure gauge and a fluid sight glass.