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Friday 10 June 2016

Webtec launches new pre-configured panel meters for use with all analogue-output hydraulic flow, pressure and temperature sensors

Webtec, the Cambridge (UK) based hydraulic measurement and control manufacturer, has launched a new range of low-cost advanced panel meters (APM) pre-configured to complement their existing wide range of hydraulic flow, pressure and temperature sensors with analogue output.

Each display comes pre-configured, free-of-charge to work with any of Webtec’s analogue sensors and displays the measured value digitally and at the same time shows the peak value on a bar graph, as well as the engineering units. In addition, the displays come programmed with a ‘set point’ which changes the display colour from green to red if the measured value goes out of range, an ideal visual indication feature for condition monitoring applications.

Measuring just under 3” square and powered by 24V DC, the easy-to-read displays are quick to panel mount and will work with all 0-5V and 4-20mA sensors and also offer analogue outputs should you wish to switch or trigger a secondary function.

For further information on the new APM range and on Webtec’s full range of hydraulic instrumentation, please visit .

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