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Wednesday 04 October 2017

How to install and set-up hydraulic attachments for optimum performance and efficiency

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Webtec’s latest ‘how to’ video guides users through the correct installation and set-up of hydraulic attachments such as breakers, hammers and crushers, using the company’s innovative DHM Series hydraulic tester. Intended to help construction machinery technicians, from inexperienced operators to skilled personal, the video shows how to test the operating flow and back pressure provided by the excavator to ensure the attachment functions at optimum efficiency.

The new video is being hailed as an important industry guide as incorrectly set hydraulic flow can lead to wear or damage to the attachment. In turn, these undesirable effects can shorten the life of attachments, while safety and efficiency are likely to be compromised. Instead, using Webtec’s DHM Series will confirm hydraulic flow and return line pressure on the excavator. Using the example of a breaker attachment, return line pressure of less than 10 bar can help prevent potential rebound damage.

Webtec’s informative video shows how to connect the hydraulic tester and start the process, including any necessary adjustments. The video also depicts what operators might expect to see on the tester’s digital display with regard to parameters such as flow, pressure (including peak pressure) and temperature.

Users are guided through the various checks that need to be completed, including instructions on where to find the relevant valves. Details are also provided on where to connect the auxiliary return line pressure gauge. If the gauge reading is unusually high, the video even outlines possible causes that can be checked to rectify the situation accordingly. Importantly, safety is prioritised throughout the video in line with Webtec’s industry position as the leader in best practice and safe operation.

Operators will find the video extremely useful in comparison to using printed manuals or simply fitting an attachment and assuming it will work first time, subsequently adjusting relief valves in an unsuitable and potentially unsafe way.

A lack of education in providing the correct settings and parameters for hydraulic attachments can have serious consequences, including effects such as stalling and rebound, which can lead to poor operating performance, safety concerns, wasted energy and inefficient operation. Moreover, inefficiency can result in loss of productivity. All of these issues can avoided by taking less than four minutes to view the new Webtec video on how to use hydraulic testers.

With the values tested and verified using the DHM Series, the attachment can be connected to the excavator with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, the operating program can be selected with confidence that the attachment will function at optimum efficiency

As well as operators, the video will also benefit those at distributors and construction machinery OEMs who may be unaware or uninformed about the relevance and benefits of hydraulic tester technology. Language voiceover versions for the video include English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Click here to watch the FULL video


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