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Thursday 26 April 2018

Changes to HPM540 dataloggers and 2FV2V-E electrically operated variable priority flow dividers as part of ongoing product development strategy

At Webtec we believe in being better than we are today and striving to constantly improve. For over 50 years we have been developing high-pressure hydraulic measurement and control solutions that provide market differentiation and competitive gain.

From time to time it also means that we cease manufacturing certain mature products that are now ready to be superseded by more advanced and better-specified alternatives.

The latest case in point is our HPM540 series of hand-held readouts and dataloggers. Over the years this reliable product has proven to be an industry favourite for hydraulic measurement and data logging tasks, but today has simply become obsolete in light of more progressive technology. As a result, within the next three months, we will cease manufacturing the HPM540, and instead point our customers to the HPM4030 model as an excellent replacement.

Notably, the HPM4030 hand-held readout and datalogger offers intelligent digital functions through its CAN bus communications compatibility.  It is the ideal tool for portable hydraulic datalogging of flow, pressure and temperature.

As a further part of our continued investment in product innovation, we will be upgrading the electrically operated version of our 2FV variable priority flow divider (2FV2V-E) to the new high-pressure, more efficient VFD120E model. The VFD120E will be launched in the third quarter of this year.

In all cases, our R&D efforts reflect Webtec’s desire to continuously create new products, processes and ideas that add value for customers.

To find out more about the HPM4030 please click here, while those interested in Webtec
VFD variable priority flow dividers are invited to click here for additional information.


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