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Monday 08 July 2019

Videos outline what can be achieved using the latest hydraulic components

Despite the need to keep up with new products that can make a real difference to your hydraulics project, we know that keeping up with the latest innovations is easier said than done. Hydraulics engineers are busy people, with hectic schedules, deadlines to meet and customers to please. Who has the time to trawl through online brochures or industry magazines, or visit trade fairs? After all, time is money, right?

At Webtec, we appreciate the constraints on your working day, which is why we’ve produced a set of short videos that showcase the latest in hydraulic components. Our new videos deliver the low-down on using the latest components to achieve genuinely advantageous outcomes.

For instance, learn how our monoblock valves can be used to provide the complete control of hydraulic motors. Alternatively, find out how our flow divider-combiner valves can accurately divide a single flow to run two cylinders or motors.

Further videos are available on the use of two-port pressure-compensated flow control valves for cylinder and motor speed; three-port flow dividers (with pressure compensation) for easy control of motor speed; and zero-leak rotary spool control valves for the start/stop/change direction of actuators.

Each of our videos outline the principal features of the component, its typical applications, and the benefits it offers. Less than a minute is all it takes to discover new ways of advancing your next hydraulics project. Why not take a look now?

Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, access to all five of our new videos can be found here.


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