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Tuesday 19 October 2021

Blue Hydraulics Takes a Deep Dive into Webtec’s Product Range

We all recognise the importance of education and training and here at Webtec we are continuously looking at ways to share our knowledge with our staff, customers and distribution partners. Our Education page showcases our ‘How To’ videos and technical whitepapers and we are proud to sponsor apprenticeship awards and local school initiatives to support the next generation of engineers.

Our distribution partners are an integral part of our business. Increasingly they are the face of Webtec to our customers offering sales, support and in some cases service so it is important that that they too are experts in the field.

Blue Hydraulics is based in Gateshead, UK and has been working with Webtec since July 2020, covering the North of England. Recently the company invited Webtec’s experts to its premises to spend two days taking a deep dive into the world of its full product range of hydraulic measurement and control equipment. The Blue Hydraulics team found the training highly valuable for both engineers and sales alike and now have a deeper knowledge of the functionality of Webtec’s product range which will help to improve its recommendations to customers.

Here are a few comments from the Blue Hydraulics team on the training:

“We will be able to confidently respond to customers’ needs on site, guiding them toward the best solution at an earlier stage in the process. The training will also help cement Blue Hydraulics’ reputation with customers as a highly knowledgeable and capable hydraulic supplier”- David Boyd, Lead Hydraulic Engineer

“The training session provided valuable insight into the variety of flow measuring equipment available from Webtec. This insight will allow Blue Hydraulics to offer the latest flow control devices to meet our customers’ needs. It will also have a positive impact on the Blue Hydraulics service team because we will now be able to utilise the equipment more efficiently and provide more effective support to our customers” - Jason Singh, Lead Hydraulic Engineer

“It was really valuable because it demonstrated how the full range of Webtec equipment can apply in different situations which will expand Blue Hydraulics’ investment in the partnership with upcoming projects. The section on data loggers was highly beneficial for our more junior team members because they are now better acquainted with the operating system and able to utilise more of the available features”- Daniel Brown, Lead Hydraulic Engineer

“The Blue Hydraulics team got to know Webtec’s people better and improved our understanding of the full product range, including the data loggers and sensor” - commented Lucas De Rosa, Lead Hydraulic Engineer

“The Webtec training was very informative from a technical aspect. It also provided an insight into the relevant markets for each product range, especially for the data loggers”- Dionne Taylor, Sales Manager

We are committed to always providing the best products and service to our customers and we will continue to support our Global distribution partners to ensure this is delivered.


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