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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Webtec CTA flow monitor: driving the point home

At the World Ago Expo 2023 in California, our distributor Hydraulic Control Inc (HCI) stole the show by presenting a stunning new development test vehicle (DTV) to demonstrate the multitude of products it sells. Among this array of technologies was Webtec’s innovative new CTA flow monitor. Visitors to the HCI tent could see for themselves how this compact, robust and reliable hydraulic flow meter for permanent installation on both off- and on-highway vehicles, monitors and transmits data about oil flow rates and temperature via a J1939 CAN-bus interface.

Taking place in February 2023 at Tulare, California, World Ago Expo is not just any show, it happens to be one of the largest annual agricultural trade shows in the world with more than 1,200 exhibitors on 2.6 million ft2 of outdoor and indoor exhibition space. HCI, a premier fluid power distributor in the Pacific Southwest for over 50 years, took full advantage by presenting a sensational new DTV as a way to preview its capabilities in a fun and original format.

Our Webtec representative visiting the show saw how the DTV worked its magic, luring trade fair visitors inside the HCI tent for a closer look, where they could see the CTA flow monitor mounted directly to the vehicle’s pump. It was clear how our CTA flow meter would be ideal for deployment in predictive maintenance/IoT systems, avoiding failures before they happen to save considerable amounts of that all-important stuff: money.


So, how does it work? Well, our CTA monitor uses a turbine wheel mounted in the flow stream and a sensor that senses the passing of each turbine blade. On-board electronics convert sensor pulses into a flow-rate signal ready for transmission via an SAE J1939 CAN-bus signal to your vehicle’s control system and, if required, onwards to the cloud or IoT system. Alternatively, the vehicle’s control system can serve as a link to centralised monitoring and diagnostic station.

Via the DTV’s control screen, the HCI team could show exhibition visitors the pump’s flow output and fluid temperature using our CTA. Pretty neat huh!

The DTV certainly grabbed the attention of everyone inside the HCI tent, with the team reporting that it was “a blast to talk about”. Alongside our CTA flow monitor, which was obviously the star of the show (we would say that wouldn’t we), the DTV features front and rear steering, traction control, an axial piston pump, piston motors and an array of ultrasonic sensors.

Here at Webtec we now have three CTA models available. Alongside our initial CTA300 (300 l/min), we can today offer the smaller CTA60 and CTA150 for pumps with lower flows, which are often found on specialist mobile agricultural and construction machines. Why not take a look at our short YouTube video to find out more.

Click here for more information on the CTA


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