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Friday 09 February 2024

Introducing our NEW Product Overview Brochure

As a specialist manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products that has been helping to improve the productivity of heavy machinery for more than half a century, we have a responsibility here at Webtec to keep customers abreast of our latest developments. To this day, our product overview brochure remains a core way of ensuring you remain up-to-date with our entire hydraulic portfolio. You’ll therefore be pleased to learn that we’ve released a digital and updated product overview brochure that you can download at the click of a button.

Ease-of-use is a primary design requirement of Webtec products, and we apply this same ethos to our interactive product overview brochure. Each product listing features a photo, bullet-point details, hydraulic circuit symbol and an at-a-glance list of potential applications. Every product also has its own QR code, taking you to more detailed information if required.

Our entire product family is viewable in this concise and easy-to-follow digital brochure. Inside, you’ll find our:

  • Hydraulic control valves: two-port, three-port, pressure-relief, monoblock and directional
  • Industrial condition monitors: flow, temperature, pressure and hydraulic usage
  • Portable hydraulic testers and multimeters: mechanical and digital
  • Hydraulic dataloggers, including kits and sensors
  • Test stand instrumentation solutions: hydraulic data acquisition systems, as well as flow, pressure, temperature and speed meters
  • Mobile condition monitors: flow, temperature and pressure
  • Hydraulic accessories, including pressure gauges, loading valves and safety burst discs

For more than 50 years we’ve been helping our global customer base in the industrial, mobile and agriculture sectors to diagnose hydraulic faults, verify hydraulic conditions and achieve repeatable hydraulic control. You’ll find all of the tools required to turn these ambitions into reality within the pages of our new product overview brochure.

The brochure also carries a useful infographic that sets out Webtec’s Make it BLUE® manufacturing process, helping customers to maximise the potential of their hydraulic machinery without the complexity of costly consultancy. The concept was developed following extensive consultation with customers, who now benefit from a more integrated approach to product customisation. 

Why not discover our new product overview brochure for yourself. You might be surprised at how much we offer to help optimise your hydraulic measurement and control processes.

Download your copy here.


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