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Digital Hydraulic Multimeter DHM804 Series

The new DHM series measures flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, power and volumetric efficiency. Features QuickCert™ data record, wireless transfer and certificate creation.

  • Produce an electronic report for immediate email to the customer
  • Flow: 800 lpm (210 US gpm)
  • Pressure: 480 bar (7000 psi)
  • Accurate measurements and FAST response bar graphs to aid diagnosis.
  • Automatic calculation of hydraulic power and volumetric efficiency.
  • Record data to robust, non-volatile memory.

Interpass™ internal oil by-pass protects the hydraulic tester against overpressure.

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Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

This unique free-of-charge app calculates oil viscosity under different temperature and pressure conditions.