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Custom Pressure Test Kits PT Series

A range of pressure test kits manufactured to your specification

  • Custom built to your specification - pick and mix from huge range.
  • The kit includes gauges, hoses, test points and adaptors.
  • Provides a complete test system for rapid pressure testing.
  • Pressure test points can be fitted anywhere in the circuit for instant pressure checks saving installation costs of piping and gauges.
  • Test hoses can be connected by hand under full system pressure without loss of oil or ingress of dirt. Ideal for taking oil samples and bleeding air.
  • The case provides ample storage. The gauge panel can be removed for convenient use while testing. (PT4 and PT6 only)

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

This unique free-of-charge app calculates oil viscosity under different temperature and pressure conditions.