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Friday 21 July 2023

Webtec’s Make it BLUE® works for Forestry Transport Maintenance

Steve Thorpe, Webtec’s International Sales Manager, recently visited Forestry Transport Maintenance Ltd, following the companies’ initial call to discuss the HPM4030 that it was using. The Shropshire based company specialises in Epsilon cranes, installation, service, and repair. FTM wanted to discuss its requirements and following our Make it BLUE® process, we listened to what the customer needed and their requirements, but we could see further opportunities for them if they were prepared to listen. They did, and upgraded to a HPM7000, giving them flexibility and making the unit more future proof.  It also has the advantage of giving results that are time date stamped and presented in a numerical and graph format.


Our new manufacturing approach called Make it BLUE® is a unique four step process to help customers maximise the potential of their hydraulic machinery but without the complexity of costly consultancy. Webtec’s Make it BLUE® has been developed following consultation with many customers, who will benefit from a more integrated approach to product customisation. We are now formally offering this process by combining more than 50 years of sales, engineering and manufacturing experience.

Flow meter

FTM purchased the HPM7000, together with a training package. They opted for a Webtec Sales Engineer to carry out the training on site, rather than using the self-training method. When Steve first arrived, he “listened to what they wanted to achieve and had a tour of the facility so that I could get a real feel for what they do and how we could help them.”

He went through a brief presentation of what the HPM7000 could do, and the consensus was that it did far more than was required but they would have room to grow. He connected Webtec’s Flow meter (CT300R-CAN-B-B-6) plus a couple of pressure transducers one on the pump flow line and the other after the directional control (the pump was a Bent axis piston pump). We then ran the crane through its actions and recorded the data, after that we looked at the graph which showed that everything was in perfect order.

Will Middle their company Director said “I was really impressed with how easy it was to use, and its opened up diagnostic options for us that we would struggle with before! Would recommend the equipment to anyone and after a short training session you will find it a game changer.”

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