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Hydraulic Data Logger

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The HPM7000 series is the evolution of the HPM6000. It is a highly-versatile portable hydraulic data logger, ideal for diagnostic testing hydraulic systems, use on hydraulic test benches, pre-dispatch inspection or for Research and Development (R&D).

The modular system allows several hardware configurations (the Input Modules can be added/changed by the user) to meet the needs of the most demanding application, enabling you to connect a wide range of sensors.

The Base Model enables you to simultaneously connect up to 48 Webtec CAN sensors. Alternative up to 5 External CANOpen sensors can be connected. Two frequency inputs or Digital Input/Digital Output are also possible thanks to a dual-function connector. The Base Model has two Module Slots where the CAN Input Module and/or the Analogue Input Module are placed.

The CAN Input Module allows the connection up to 48 CAN, CANOpen, J1939 or any mixture of several CAN protocols in a passive way (no power is supplied to the sensors from this module). The termination impedance can be switched ON and OFF from the software, this allows the connection of the HPM7000 into other CAN buses without disturbing the bus controller (e.g. CAN/J1939 bus ECU in a vehicle).

  • Complete range of sensors - pressure, flow, temperature, RPM, contamination.
  • Webtec CAN sensors for plug and play functionality
  • Third Party CAN sensors (External CAN) can be displayed and logged. A CAN Monitor assists during installation of CAN channels and analysis of the CAN bus.
  • Two slots for Input Modules (CAN/J1939 and Analogue) are availabe on the Base Model. These can be added/changed by the user.
  • IP65 and rubberised case sorround for protection in harsh evironments
  • Complete with HPMComm 7.5 - PC software. Connectivity - USB, Ethernet.

Illuminated and anti-glare, 7 inch touch screen colour display.
Foldable stand and VESA-standard points on the back for wall mounting on fix installations (e.g. Test Benches)

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

This unique free-of-charge app calculates oil viscosity under different temperature and pressure conditions.

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Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

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