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Hydraulic Data Logger HPM7000

New product

The HPM7000 series, is a highly versatile portable hydraulic data logger and the evolution of the HPM6000. It is ideal for diagnostic testing of hydraulic systems, use on hydraulic test benches, pre-dispatch inspection or for Research and Development (R&D). There are a variety of different data logging modes with the ability to data log up to 16 million measured values per test at a variable interval from 1 ms, with a total possible storage size of 12GB (approx. 250 measurements).

The base model: enables you to simultaneously measure up to 48 Webtec CAN channels. Alternatively, up to 5 External CANOpen channels can be connected. Two frequency inputs or Digital Input/ Digital Output are also possible thanks to a dual-function connector.

Modular upgrades: The HPM7000 features a unique modular system which means two input Modules can be added or changed by the user, allowing you to upgrade the device over time to meet the needs of the most demanding application.

The CAN Input Module: allows the connection of up to 48 CAN, CANOpen, J1939 or any mixture of several CAN protocols in a passive way (no power is supplied to the sensors from this module). This allows the user to ‘listen’ to the other CAN signals travelling on a bus, without disturbing them.

The Analogue Input Module: enables back compatibility with sensors that have Sensor Recognition (SR). It also enables connection to current (e.g. 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA) and/or voltage (e.g. 0-5, 0-10 V) sensors.

The 7-inch colour touch display is suitable to use with gloves and additional large tactile buttons at the right of the screen ensure operation even in adverse conditions. The screen can be configured to display the readings in numerical, bar graph, dials and graphical display mode.

Analysis of measurements: can be done thanks to two cursors that can be inserted to obtain measured and delta values. All data can be exported to a PC running HPMComm 7.5 for further analysis or storage off the unit.

Connecting to a PC: USB slave and USB host allow the unit to stream to a PC or laptop and allow for the connection of additional storage. The HPM7000 can also be controlled and monitored remotely using the LAN connection and a VNC remote desktop application which runs on a PC.

The HPM7000 is loaded with technology, yet is simple to configure and easy to use

  • Ambient Temperature: -10 to 50 °C, 14 to 122 °F
  • Memory: 12GB
  • Ports: USB device (data transmission between device and PC), USB host 1 (connection with external storage media), USB host 2 (connection with external storage media), LAN (connection with network cable)
  • Material: Body materials: ABS/PC (thermoplastic), Body Protective Materials: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
  • Weight: 1.88 kg, 4.1 lb (without input modules)
  • Mounting: Carrying Strap, Folding Stand and VESA standard 100 x 100 mm / M4 metric

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