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High-Flow Divider Combiner FDC140 Series

The FDC140 series hydraulic valve offers high flow, high pressure, dividing and combining with an excellent split flow accuracy under varying loads.

The FDC140 will divide a single flow into two separate flows which will always be in the same ratio to each other regardless of any pressure differential between the two lines. If the flow is reversed (e.g. return stroke of two cylinders) the return flows are held in the same ratio to each other and combined into a single flow, regardless of individual loads on the cylinders

  • Maximum Rated Pressure: 420 bar, 6000 psi
  • Maximum Total Flow: Up to 140 l/min, 37 US gpm
  • Pressure compensated to keep the two split flows at the same ratio regardless of pressure variations between them.
  • Unequal division of the two split flows available. From 50/50% to 90/10%.
  • +/-1.5% accuracy between the two split flows, based on valve rated maximum flow (see page 3).
  • Pressure compensation in both forward (divide) and reverse (combine) flows.

A common application is to keep two cylinders (or motors) in close unison when loads on them are unequal.

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