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Fixed and proportional flow divider valves FV120 / 200

Priority Type Flow Dividers split a single input flow into a ‘Priority’ (regulated) flow and a ‘By-Pass’ (excess) flow which can be returned directly to the oil reservoir or used to power a second system. This often dispenses with the need for another pump to operate a second system.

Proportional Flow Dividers split a single input flow into two output flows, each output being a fixed proportion of the input. For example, a 50/50 flow divider will always split a single input flow into two equal output flows which could be used to operate two motors at equal speeds. The actual rate of flow from each output is not fixed but will vary as the input flow rate varies.

A common application on mobile machinery is to use the ‘Priority’ (regulated) flow for power steering and the ‘By-Pass’ (excess) flow for an implement or lift circuit. This ensures the power steering is satisfied first to keep the steering speed constant.

  • Maximum Rated Pressure: Up to 420 bar, 6000 psi
  • Maximum Flow Capacity: 76 L/min, 20 US gpm
  • Porting: BSPP, SAE
  • Material: Steel components in cast iron body
  • Weight: 1.6 kg, 3.5 lb
  • Mounting: 2 Bolts, M8 or 5/16”

FV121 & FV201 obsolete from December 2022. FV120 & FV200 versions remain available.

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