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Digital Pressure Gauge HPM110 Series

The HPM110 digital pressure gauge is designed for continuous monitoring of oil, water, hydraulic and other pressure media in mobile equipment, industrial hydraulics, and process control equipment.

The HPM110 offers an economical solution to monitoring pressure and peak pressure with a simple visual display. The hand-held unit can be installed when required using a standard test point or left permanently connected in a system. Since the HPM110 is battery powered it requires no external wiring. The HPM110 now comes with an optional data logger version with real time clock records both current measured values and the min and max values. Stored data is transferred to a computer or laptop via USB interface in a CSV file format.

The HPM110 simultaneously displays actual pressure, peak pressure, battery level and the engineering units selected. The back light can be switched on at the press of a button. Using the buttons on the front panel the user can clear the peak value, display min, max and actual pressure, reset the zero point and change the engineering units. The unit is available in four models for each version plus one kit for the data logger version, please see reverse for details.

  • Maximum Rated Pressure: Up to 600 bar, 8700 psi
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -10 to 50 °C, 14 to 144 °F
  • Fluid Temperature Range: -20 to 80 °C, 4 to 176 °F
  • Compatible Fluids: oil, water, other fluids consult sales office
  • Accuracy/ Tolerances: ±0.5% Full Scale
  • Porting: BSPP, SAE

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