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Pressure Relief Valve RV Series

Pressure relief valves limit the maximum working pressure of a hydraulic system to a pre-determined rating thus providing protection against the overloading of system components.

Direct acting relief valves unload flow to tank when system pressure is enough to compress a spring which unseats a poppet. They provide high tolerance to contamination and are generally used for low flow rates where precise pressure control is not critical

  • Maximum Pressure: Up to 276 bar, 4000 psi
  • Maximum Flow: Up to 70 L/min, 18 US gpm
  • Porting: 3/4” BSPP
  • Material: Body Materials: High Tensile Aluminium Internal Materials: Steel Cartidge: Steel
  • Weight: 0.73 kg, 1.6 lb
  • Mounting: One 8.7mm x 40mm, 0.343” x 1.575” Mounting Hole

Cartridges: Choose between a direct acting for high tolerance to contamination or pilot operation for quiet, smooth and accurate pressure control.

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

This unique free-of-charge app calculates oil viscosity under different temperature and pressure conditions.