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Variable Flow Pressure Compensated Control Valve VFC Series

Variable Flow Control Valves maintain the flow rate of hydraulic fluid to a selected value.
Applications include hydraulic cylinders requiring constant extension or retraction speeds and hydraulic motors requiring constant rotational speeds. When used with a fixed delivery pump the excess flow is By-Passed across a relief valve.

  • Maximum Pressure: 210 bar, 3000 psi
  • Maximum Flow: 55 L/min, 15 US gpm
  • Porting: SAE, BSPP & NPTF
  • Pressure compensated to ensure a constant flow rate under varying pressures
  • Knurled knob enables fast, accurate adjustment of flow rate in one direction (under pressure) from 1.5 L/min to 55 L/min, 0.5 US gpm to 15 US gpm.
  • Knurled knob can be locked in position by a socket (set) screw and provides weatherproof sealing to prevent the adjusting screw from corroding or seizing.

Free (uncontrolled) flow is permitted in reverse direction.

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