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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Custom hydraulic measurement and control products made easy

Webtec specialists make light work of custom requirements

Here at Webtec, as a specialist manufacturer we appreciate that when it comes to hydraulic measurement and control systems, there is often no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution available off-the-shelf. And although many designers of hydraulic systems struggle when it comes to finding a supplier of custom products, there is a simple answer...

That’s right, if you have a requirement that can’t be met by a standard product, please call your local Webtec sales contact to discuss the application. Over the past year we’ve assisted dozens of customers in building a better hydraulic measurement or control solution by improving product fit, form or function to suit specific needs. And while in theory this might sound like an arduous process, we make it straightforward. In many instances we can simply take the best-fit standard product and customise it to provide optimum performance. As a result, you no longer have to compromise on machine functionality.

Some of the products we developed recently have remained ‘specials’ for one customer, while others have been added to our range as standard items. Good examples include our CV120 combined flow, pressure and directional control valve for controlling motors on mobile machines, and our new FlowHUB ViscoCorrect® for measuring the flow of both water and oil-based fluids.

Further recent ‘specials’ added to our portfolio are the super compact pressure-compensated Integrated Flow Control (IFC) valve for use inside a manifold, and CT turbine flow meters with J1939 CAN output for condition monitoring on a mobile machine.

As an aside, we continue to offer calibration, repair, upgrade and trade-in options for users of Webtec measurement products. Please contact your Webtec sales contact today to discuss the options available for the equipment you own.


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