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Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    centimetre 0.03280840     foot
    centimetre 0.3937008     inch
    fathom 1.8288*     metre (m)
    foot 0.3048*     metre (m)
    foot 30.48*     centimetre (cm)
    foot 304.8*     millimetre (mm)
    inch 0.0254*     metre (m)
    inch 2.54*     centimetre (cm)
    inch 25.4*     millimetre (mm)
    kilometre 0.6213712     mile (US statute)
    metre 39.37008     inch
    metre 0.54680066     fathom
    metre 3.280840     foot
    metre 0.1988388     rod
    metre 1.093613     yard
    metre 0.0006213712     mile (US statute)
    microinch 0.0254*     micrometre (micron) (um)
    micrometre (micron) 39.37008     microinch
    mile (US statute) 1,609.344*     metre (m)
    mile (US statute) 1.609344*     kilometre (km)
    millimetre 0.003280840     foot
    millimetre 0.0397008     inch
    rod 5.0292*     metre (m)
    yard 0.9144*     metre (m)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact