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Energy and Work

Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    Btu (International Table) 1,055.056     joule (J)
    Btu (mean) 1,055.87     joule (J)
    calorie (mean) 4.19002     joule (J)
    foot-pound 1.355818     joule (J)
    foot-poundal 0.04214011     joule (J)
    joule 0.0009478170     Btu (International Table)
    joule 0.0009470863     Btu (mean)
    joule 0.2386623     calorie (mean)
    joule 0.7375621     foot-pound
    joule 23.73036     foot-poundal
    joule 0.9998180     joule (International US)
    joule 0.9999830     joule (US legal, 1948)
    joule (International US) 1.000182     joule (J)
    joule (US legal, 1948) 1.000017     joule (J)
    joule 0.0002777778     watt-hour
    watt-hour 3600.*     joule (J)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact