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Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    acre 4,046.856     metre2 (m2)
    acre 0.4046856     hectare
    centimetre2 0.1550003     inch2
    centimetre2 0.001076391     foot2
    foot2 0.09290304*     metre2 (m2)
    foot2 929.03042     centimetre2 (cm2)
    foot2 92,903.04     millimetre2 (mm2)
    hectare 2.471054     acre
    inch2 645.16*     millimetre2 (mm2)
    inch2 6.4516     centimetre2 (cm2)
    inch2 0.00064516     metre2 (m2)
    metre2 1,550.003     inch2
    metre2 10.763910     foot2
    metre2 1.195990     yard2
    metre2 0.0002471054     acre
    millimetre2 0.00001076391     foot2
    millimetre2 0.001550003     inch2
    yard2 0.8361274     metre2 (m2)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact