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Volume (including Capacity)

Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    centimetre3 0.06102376     inch3
    foot3 0.028311685     metre3 (m3)
    foot3 28.31685     litre
    gallon (UK liquid) 0.004546092     metre3 (m3)
    gallon (UK liquid) 4.546092     litre
    gallon (US liquid) 0.003785412     metre3 (m3)
    gallon (US liquid) 3.785412     litre
    inch3 16,387.06     millimetre3 (mm3)
    inch3 16.38706     centimetre3 (cm3)
    inch3 0.00001638706     metre3 (m3)
    litre 0.001*     metre3 (m3)
    litre 0.2199692     gallon (UK liquid)
    litre 0.2641720     gallon (US liquid)
    litre 0.03531466     foot3
    metre3 219.9692     gallon (UK liquid)
    metre3 264.1720     gallon (US liquid)
    metre3 35.31466     foot3
    metre3 1.307951     yard3
    metre3 1000.*     litre
    metre3 61,023.76     inch3
    millimetre3 0.00006102376     inch3
    yard3 0.7645549     metre3 (m3)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact