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Sunday 01 February 2015

Long Service awards

December saw two employees celebrate their 25th anniversary of dedicated service at Webtec.

Mick Cousins first joined Webtec in October 1987 as a Storeman/Handyman and later moved on to become a Machinist and Driver. Mick officially retired in May 2005 and left the company. But he couldn’t keep away and was re-employed on a part-time basis in March 2007 working in the ‘Manufacturing - Second operations’ area, methodically checking and de-burring thousands of components after machining to ensure they meet the quality level our customers’ expect.

John Price is also celebrating 25 years of service at Webtec. John has been at the forefront of new product development at Webtec from literally his first day at Webtec and now balances his dual role of electronics engineer and chief investigator of new technology.

Both Mick and John are testaments to Webtec’s policy of providing a working environment where its employees can continue to develop and contribute to the on-going success of the company.


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