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Tuesday 03 February 2015

Save money by asking these 5 questions before you purchase a hydraulic flow meter…

“I don’t bother measuring flow, measuring pressure is much easier”. The technician I was talking to was adamant about this. And he’s partly right. Pressure test points are frequently fitted to hydraulic systems these days and pressure can easily be measured using many different types of sensors.

This is all true. But it misses the bigger point.

As all engineers know, pressure can exist without flow, but flow matters. Flow is what makes the hydraulic system go. Just measuring pressure will only tell you half the story.

Flow meters come in lots of different designs and when it comes to choosing a flow meter for your hydraulic application there are five key questions to ask:

1.     What are the fluid properties?

2.     What are the hydraulic system operating conditions?

3.     Why are you measuring flow; how accurately do you need to measure flow?

4.     What effect might the flow meter have on the fluid and vice-versa?

5.     How important is it to measure flow; what is your budget?

The answers to these questions will quickly help you narrow down the best flow meter for your application, and put you one step ahead when asking your supplier to quote. It should also ensure you don’t over-specify the flow meter you need and therefore save your company money in the process.

If you would like to learn more about measuring flow and how to select the right flow meter for your hydraulic application, please click here to download this free 8-page guide now.

Written by: Martin Cuthbert


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